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Catholics and the Election

November 5, 2008

As most of us know, there was an election yesterday and Barack Obama won the presidency. As many of us know, there were not a few bishops who spoke out and informed Catholics that they may not vote for an Pro-Abortion Candidate. One bishop, His Grace Archbishop Chaput of Denver, CO spoke the loudest during this campaign.
Archbishop Chaput

I have read that Catholics who went to Mass weekly voted for Senator McCain over President-Elect Obama 54% to 45%. I wonder how many are placing their immortal souls in danger for voting this way when our bishops have been clear that one may not vote for such a candidate with out proportionate reasons. And, to paraphrase Archbishop Chaput, what campaign promise is proportionally greater than the horrid slaughter of 4000 babies per day?

I did some searching and found which states have the highest proportion of Catholics in their population. Here they are from the USCCB website:

1. Rhode Island- 59.5%
2. Massachusetts- 42%
3. New Jersey- 41%
4. New York- 37.1%
5. Connecticut- 36.6%
6. Nevada- 32.3%
7. Illinois- 30.1%
8. Delaware- 29.7%
9. Wisconsin- 29.5%
10. California- 28.6%

Guess who these states elected to the Presidency?

President-Elect Obama

Why did I choose percentage over total population? Because to win a state, one has to have the majority of votes, one has to have a higher percentage over the other candidate to win the electoral votes of the state.

Kurt Warner at the Dome

November 3, 2008

I have always liked Kurt Warner. He is a class act. He does great work for charity and puts his money where his mouth is.
Kurt in Rams Uniform
He is unstoppable at the Dome in St. Louis.

Unfortunately, he plays for the Cardinals, and the Cardinals are from Phoenix!
Kurt Warner in Cardinals Uniform

He threw for over 300 yards and for 2 touchdowns. The Rams on the other hand, did not fair so well.