Catholics and the Election

As most of us know, there was an election yesterday and Barack Obama won the presidency. As many of us know, there were not a few bishops who spoke out and informed Catholics that they may not vote for an Pro-Abortion Candidate. One bishop, His Grace Archbishop Chaput of Denver, CO spoke the loudest during this campaign.
Archbishop Chaput

I have read that Catholics who went to Mass weekly voted for Senator McCain over President-Elect Obama 54% to 45%. I wonder how many are placing their immortal souls in danger for voting this way when our bishops have been clear that one may not vote for such a candidate with out proportionate reasons. And, to paraphrase Archbishop Chaput, what campaign promise is proportionally greater than the horrid slaughter of 4000 babies per day?

I did some searching and found which states have the highest proportion of Catholics in their population. Here they are from the USCCB website:

1. Rhode Island- 59.5%
2. Massachusetts- 42%
3. New Jersey- 41%
4. New York- 37.1%
5. Connecticut- 36.6%
6. Nevada- 32.3%
7. Illinois- 30.1%
8. Delaware- 29.7%
9. Wisconsin- 29.5%
10. California- 28.6%

Guess who these states elected to the Presidency?

President-Elect Obama

Why did I choose percentage over total population? Because to win a state, one has to have the majority of votes, one has to have a higher percentage over the other candidate to win the electoral votes of the state.

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